How to create a script on script builder.

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How to create a script on script builder.

Post  Mattster on Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:58 am

First of all, you will need a script bot. You can find a copy on youtube or google. I will post a link after my 7 days external link rule is over.
Second of all, you need a script.
And lastly, you will need a script builder game.
Let's jump in.

So you WILL need ROBLOX not in full screen.
Once you have done that, open the ScriptBot file and Paste the script you want to insert, I'll go over the functions.

Animinus Scroll Bar. This is who it was made by. There are loads of Animinus ones, so how you find out it's an Animinus one is it says "Scripts:" at the bottom of the game and "Main Commands" with remove, stop, edit, run, create and gui.

LocalScript: Nearly all scripts are localscript, so you might wanna check that. If the script doesn't work as a localscript then uncheck it.

Encoded Scroll Bar: Type of script. Just leave it on Encoded.

Split: Idk what this is so don't uncheck it...

Chat Delay: How long you want the next line of script to be

SLASH KEY scrollbar: Just leave it on that.

Hidden: If you want the script to be hidden while you insert it (good for scripts you don't want others to copy)

Script Name: What you want your script's name to be (don't put spaces or it won't work)

Once you are all set, put roblox in largescreen (NOT FULLSCREEN) and open the RobloxScriptBot tab. Now press "Run Script". It should minimize on it's own. Next thing you know you will be spamming your script. Once you are done, the script should work.

If you die, just say run/(what your script's name was) and it should run again.

Please put this as a sticky as other users need to know.

Best of luck,

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